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Field Status

Updated: May 19, 2024; 7:09 am

Open=🟢   Closed=🛑

Complex Field # Status
Lake Shore Athletic Complex Field A 🟢
Lake Shore Athletic Complex Field B 🟢
Lake Shore Athletic Complex Field C 🟢
Lake Shore Athletic Complex Field D 🟢
Tick Neck Park Grass 🟢
Tick Neck Park Turf 1 🟢
Tick Neck Park Turf 2 🟢
Muth Field/St. Jane Grass 🟢
Bodkin Elementary Grass 🟢
Rock Creek Park Grass 🟢
Poplar Ridge Grass 🟢
  • Field Closures Due to Weather: Heavy rain or severe weather may lead to field closures.
  • Decision Making: The Fields Director makes the final call on closures.
  • Updates: Check the PSC website and Facebook page for closure announcements. Updates are made by:
    • 4pm on weekdays
    • 7am on weekends
  • Coach/Referee Discretion: Even if fields are open, coaches or referees can cancel practices or games if conditions are unsafe or could damage the field.
  • Lightning/Thunder: All activities must stop immediately at the first sign of lightning or sound of thunder.
  • Resuming Activities: A 30-minute wait is required after the last sign of lightning or thunder before resuming activities.

Stay safe and informed!

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