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2023 Pasadena Soccer Club Classic

Friday, November 10th–Sunday, November 12th

(Formerly known as Mountain Road Tournament)


Registration Dates

September 1, 2023 – October 22, 2023

Tournament Dates

Friday, November 10th – Sunday, November 12th, 2023

Schedule & Brackets

Team Registration Fees

Currently we are moving forward with the Pasadena Soccer Club Classic and are now accepting applications via the website. Referee fees are included in the registration fee.

Ages U7


Ages U8-U10


Ages U11-U12


Ages U13-U14


Ages U15-U18



Tournament is open to both County, select/travel teams and recreational teams. Player card or Hard Copy of Birth Certificate Required. (NO Cell phone Picture.)

Elite (competitive), and Classic (Less Competitive) Levels Flights


Age & Eligibility

The tournament is open only to members of US Youth Soccer and its State Associations. Each team must be registered with a National State Soccer Association affiliated with USYSA/USSF and must present a valid state or county roster from the Fall 2022 season. Coaches of recreational teams must always have proof of age available in a form that is in accordance with USYSA/USSF Travel and Tournament Policy Manual. Age determination follows FIFA rules. Player credentials will be verified. Tournament Officials have the right to verify eligibility at any time. Any team fielding an ineligible player will be disqualified and that team’s tournament entry fees forfeited.

**OPPOSING COACHES will have the opportunity to roster check the opposing team, at that time each player must line up with their card, or birth certificate in hand. The opposing coach will receive a copy of the roster from their opponent, and at that time can verify all players for the match. **




Teams will not be accepted to the tournament until Payment is received in full. No player may play for more than one team in the tournament. Teams that field the same player will forfeit all matches.

Co-ed teams will play in boys’ divisions.

U7 (5V5) – Participation is open to accepted teams.

Roster size, 10 players max.

U8, U9 and U10 (7v7) – Participation is open to accepted teams.

Roster size, 12 players max.

U11 and U12 (9v9) – Participation is open to accepted teams.

Roster size, 16 players max.

U13 thru U18 (11v11) – Participation is open to accepted teams.

Roster size, 20 players max.

Age Group

DOB From
































U17 & U18



Depending on the final registration, divisions may be combined into dual age level competition

Guest Players

Teams may roster up to 3 guest players. Guest players may come from any FIFA or USSF affiliated association/team. Recreational division (Non-carded) team’s guest players must have played in the same league as the registered team for the Fall 2022 season.

General Information

  • All teams must report to the field 20 minutes prior to their game time. Each team and coach must be prepared for the referee’s equipment inspection, and in some instances, to begin play immediately.

  • Coaches/Players will take opposite sides of the field of the spectators.

  • If a conflict in jersey colors exists, the home team will be expected to change colors.

  • Both Tournament Roster Waiver Forms and/or processed USSF rosters are acceptable; as well as all USSF picture IDs, school IDs, Birth Certificates and Passports.

  • All teams will be scheduled for at least three games; however, the tournament is not responsible for forfeits including teams that drop out after the schedules have been posted.

  • No protests will be entertained.

  • All Tournament Officials or any individuals associated with the Pasadena Soccer Club Classic Tournament will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team (including tournament entry fees) in the event the Tournament is canceled in whole or in part.

  • Mechanical noise makers are prohibited.

  • All/Any concessions sales must be approved by the Tournament Director and all forms must be filed with the event office.

  • Harassment of Match Officials, Tournament Staff and/or Tournament Officials by Coaches, players and/or spectators will not be tolerated. Tournament Officials reserve the right to impose sanctions and/or penalties for this kind of conduct, including removal of offending party from the field and/or complex site. These sanctions and/or penalties cannot be appealed.

  • Displays of temper/dissent, fighting, heckling or other abusive behavior are cause for ejection from the game and surrounding field area. Misconduct may result in a warning, game forfeit, and tournament disqualification as decided by the Tournament Committee. Any player, coach, team official or parent exhibiting or threatening violence to anyone will call for immediate expulsion from the tournament. The local authorities will be called if necessary.

Brackets Rules


  • PSC Classic 5v5 Rules

  • 3 TEAM Each team plays the other two teams in the bracket. The top two teams after round robin play will compete in a Championship match. Tie Breaker Rules apply.
  • 4 TEAM BRACKETS. Each team will play the other three teams once for a total of 3 matches per team. Champion and Finalist are determined by point standings at the end of round-robin Tie-breaker rules apply
  • 5 TEAM Each team will play the others once for a total of 4 matches per team. Championship and Finalist are determined by point standings at the end of round-robin play. Tie-breaker rules apply.
  • 6 TEAM – ONE DAY 6 teams will be divided into two flights of 3 teams. Teams will play the other two teams in their flight once. After these two games, teams from each bracket will compete in a seeded crossover match for there final game. Championship and Finalist are determined by point standings. Tie-breaker rules will apply.
  • 6 TEAM BRACKETS- TWO DAY 6 teams will be divided into two flights of 3 teams.  Teams will play the other two teams in their flight once. After these two games, the top two teams from each bracket will compete in a semi-final match against one of the top two teams from the other bracket. The two remaining teams play each other in a consolation match. The winners of each semi-final will meet in a Championship Match.   Tie-breaker rules will apply.
  • 7 TEAM There is absolutely no fair way to schedule a 7-team group. We will avoid these at all costs. But should we need to have a 7-team bracket, each team will play 4 other teams who are randomly selected. Teams will not meet each other more than once. Championship and Finalist will be determined by point totals. Tie-breaker rules apply

Division Winners & Tie Breaker Rules

Each team will be awarded three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie, and no points for a loss. A match that has been canceled by the Tournament Officials will be awarded a 0-0 tie. At the end of the preliminary rounds, the division winner will be the team with the most points in their division. If a team withdraws from the Tournament prior to a semi-final or championship match, the next place team in that bracket will replace the withdrawn team in the match. If that team is unavailable, the next place team after that will replace them. In the event of a tie within a division, the following criteria will be used to determine the winner:

  1. Winner of head-to-head competition

  2. Most wins

  3. Goal Differential (max 3)

  4. Least goals allowed during preliminary matches

  5. Most shutouts during preliminary matches

  6. Penalty Kick shoot-out (to be scheduled at Lake Shore headquarters, or appropriate location)

If three or more teams are tied for first, the first tiebreaker will be Step 2, Most Wins and Step 3 through Step 5 will follow. Once one team is eliminated, the process from Step 2 is repeated until only two teams remain. The remaining two teams revert to Step 1 (head-to-head) and follow Steps 2 through 6 to determine the winner.

In the semifinals (if any) and championship matches, FIFA Penalty kicks will decide the outcome of a match that ends in a tie score at the end of regulation play. The penalty shootout will be conducted as follows:

  1. Only the players on the field at the end of regulation play are eligible to participate in the penalty kicks.

  2. The referee shall decide the goal at which all the kicks shall be taken.

  3. The captain of the team winning the coin toss decides whether to take the first or second kick.

  4. No player may shoot a second time until all eligible teammates (including the goalkeeper) have taken a kick.

  5. Each team takes five (5) shots, alternately. The team scoring the most goals wins.

  6. If the score is tied after five (5) shots by each team, the taking of shots continues, alternating, until one team scores and the other team does not.

  7. Other than the shooter and the two (2) goalkeepers, all eligible players must remain in the center circle while the shots are in progress.

Ball Size, Game Format, Duration


size 3


20-minute halves

U8 – U10

size 4


25-minute halves

U11- U12

size 4


30-minute halves

U13- U18

size 5


30-minute halves

Game Balls are provided by the Tournament.

Time is a running clock. No added time for injuries / substitutions.

Dimensions of all fields will be in accordance with FIFA rules and procedures for specific age groups. Coaches/Players will take opposite sides of the field of the spectators.

Players, coaches, and spectators on the sideline during the match must remain at least six (6) feet from the touchline.

No one will be allowed to stand behind the end lines and may not stand closer to the end line than the 18-yard line.

Check in time with the assigned Field Marshal is 20 minutes prior to the scheduled match. Game time is forfeit time.

Teams and spectators must exit fields immediately after games. Additional time will be scheduled between games to discourage athletes and spectators from lingering after games.

Game & Score Reporting

Both Coaches must sign the Game Card report at the end of each match. Games scores will be reported by HOME TEAM to Tournament Headquarters after each game.

Scores and standings will be posted on the tournament web site, and at Tournament Headquarters. Scores are posted as quickly as possible. Delays may occur if verification is needed before scores are posted.

Player Uniform/Equipment

  • All players must wear individually numbered jerseys. Jersey numbers must coincide with the player’s name/number on the team roster. The individual numbers must be different for each player.

  • The home team must have an alternate jersey (or colored pinnies) and be prepared to change, if in the opinion of the referee, there is a color conflict. The first team listed in the game schedule is the home team.

  • No metal cleats allowed.

  • No jewelry except a MEDIC ALERT.

  • Players are required to wear shin guards in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game.

  • Hard casts are not prohibited, but they must receive “explicit” approval from the referee before a player wearing such a cast can play in the game. All casts must have the approval of the Referee. Soft casts are not guaranteed to be approved.

  • Mouth guards for oral appliances recommended – not required.

  • Secured eyeglasses or eye protection recommended – not required.


FIFA Laws of the Game concerning substitutions will be followed with the modifications outlined below and with the referee’s permission:

  1. After a goal has been made.

  2. At a goal kick by either team.

  3. At the beginning of the second half of play.

  4. At a throw-in (if the team with possession subs a player, the opposing team may also sub)

  5. For an injured player(s) one for one. The player may return after treatment, at the next available substitution time and must check back in with the referee to indicate treatment has been complete.

  6. All substitutions must enter and leave the field from the halfway line.

  7. Unlimited number of substitutions is allowed during a match. In the Under 18 age group FIFA limited substitution rules apply.

  8. Players receiving a second caution (yellow card) during a single match will be sent off and the team will play down a player (no substitution).

  9. Players sent off for a Red Card will not be substituted for and the team will play down a player for the rest of the match.


Accumulated Yellow Card Policy – Any player receiving two (2) yellow cards in the Tournament will sit out the next match following receipt of the second yellow card. This rule applies to any play off or championship match as well. Please note this is the policy of Maryland State Youth Soccer Association.

Players are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit, as well as the letter of the laws. Display of temper or dissent is cause for ejection from the match and surrounding field area. Repeated violations may result in the suspension or expulsion of the team from the Tournament as decided by the Tournament Director.

Players, coaches, or team officials ejected from a match (red card) by the referee shall be ineligible for the next two (2) scheduled matches including championship matches.

Red cards issued after the end of regulation play or because of physical assault are subject to review by Tournament Officials and more strenuous penalties may be imposed. If a coach receives a red card, Tournament Officials will review the referee report and make a final determination regarding the remaining and future participation in the Pasadena SC Classic.

In accordance with the USYSA Tournament Hosting Agreement, all red and yellow cards and other matters involving team conduct will be reported to the home club and State Association of the team involved as well as the US Youth Soccer National Office.

Heading Rules

Heading the ball is prohibited in U11 games and younger. If deliberate, then the proper restart is an indirect free kick to the opposing team. If this occurs within the goal area, the indirect free kick should be taken on the goal area line parallel to the goal line at the point nearest to where the infringement occurred. If the play by the head is deemed inadvertent, then the proper restart is a dropped ball. *If the U11 and U12 bracket are merged for bracket scheduling purposes, then the entire combined bracket will be prohibited from heading the ball.

Inclement Weather

Weather related delays will be posted on the tournament website. Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their team MUST appear on the field, ready to play, as scheduled, unless otherwise notified by a tournament official. Only the referee or Tournament Committee can cancel or delay a match. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of the match.

If a match must be stopped before halftime, a Tournament Official will rule on its rescheduling. Such a game may be temporarily halted and resumed, picking up where play stopped.

In the event of inclement weather, the referee or Tournament Official will have the authority to change matches as follows:

  • Relocate or reschedule any match(es).

  • Change the duration of any match(es).

  • Cancel any preliminary match(es) that have no bearing on the selection of division winners.

  • Preliminary matches terminated after one half of play because of weather shall be considered official and the score at the point of cancellation shall be the final score.

  • Cancel the Tournament in part or whole. Any team disregarding a decision by the referees and/or the Tournament Official to either suspend or cancel tournament play, will be disqualified for the remainder of the Tournament and team entry fees will be forfeited. Additionally, Pasadena Soccer Club will file a written complaint with that team’s National State Association.


Game time is forfeit time. Teams not ready to play at their scheduled time will forfeit their match. A minimum of seven (7) players for U12 through U17 and five (5) players for U8 through U11 constitutes a team, and if the minimum number of players is present, the match may begin. If during the match a team falls below the minimum number of players, the match will be forfeited to their opponent.

Any team that has forfeited a match may not be awarded a division winner or wild card team. If an apparent group winner forfeits, the group team with the next best record will be named the division winner.

A forfeit shall be recorded as a 1-0 match. A forfeit in the preliminary rounds shall be awarded as three (3) points for the win. For tie breaking purposes, a one (1) goal differential point will be awarded. No refunds will be issued to a forfeiting team.

***All tournament matches will be played in accordance with FIFA laws, except as specifically modified herein. The following statement of Rules and Regulations supplements the FIFA Laws of the Game.


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