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Pasadena Soccer Club Recreational Program

Age Groups:

Rec Minis U4 Boys & Girls

-U4 (birth year 2019)

Rec In-House U5- U10 Boys & Girls

-U5 (birth year 2018)

-U6 (birth year 2017)

-U7 (birth year 2016)

-U8 (birth year 2015)

-U10 (birth years 2013-2014)

Rec Minis (birthdates 1/1/19-12/31/19) play from early September through the last week of October. Rec Minis will be led by Soccer Source 360 professional trainers on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm-6:30pm and Saturday mornings from 9:00am-10:00am and 10:00am-11:00am. This is a great opportunity to get your young player into soccer with the focus of promoting a fun and healthy environment that teaches basic ball skills, decision-making and just getting used to being on the field with other kids in a fun learning environment.

Fall Season Dates: Week of 08/28/2022 to 10/22/2022

Rec In-House (birthdates 1/1/18-12/31/13) play from late August through the first weekend of November. Rec In-house is a great opportunity to get your player into soccer with the focus of promoting fun, teamwork, sportsmanship, self-confidence, ball skills, decision-making and being on the field with their peers in a fun learning environment. 

Fall Season Dates: 08/22/2022 to 11/05/2022

Practices/Games: Held at multiple locations including: Lake Shore Complex, Tick Neck Park, MUTH Field (St. Jane Francis), Bodkin Elementary School, Rock Creek Park, Poplar Ridge Park (insert fields link)

Communication: All forms of communication for rostering/schedules will be done through TeamSnap.

kids playing soccer

General Information

$75 per season U4 (Minis) + PSC t-shirt

$90 per season U5-U8 (In-House) + additional $20 for uniforms if needed

$110 per season U9/U10 (In-House) + additional $20 for uniforms if needed

Fall 2022 Registration is open from 06/10/2022-7/10/2022. Late registration fee of $15 will be applied from 7/11/2022-8/01/2022. Fall 2022 Rec Minis will begin on 09/14/2022 and Rec In House Season will tentatively begin on 08/22/2022 and will be completed no later than 11/05/2022.

Rec Minis will be held on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Select day/time preferred.

Rec In-House games will be played on Saturdays. Make Up games may be held on Sundays, if necessary.

We always NEED new volunteer coaches for Rec In-House teams. Please consider volunteering to head coach, assist or even help manage a team. PSC is a 100% volunteer organization, and without volunteer parents like you stepping up, our children would not be able to play. If you’d like more information on volunteering, please email the Rec Director.



PSC will be using the same Navy/Grey uniforms that were used in previous seasons. If you are a new player or need a larger size, you will be able to purchase jerseys from The PSC Pop-Up Shop. Uniform cost: $20 for both jerseys.

The Pop-Up Shop is located at the Lake Shore Complex at the Blue Garage behind Field A. Announcements will be made on PSC Facebook page regarding Pop Up Shop openings. ONLY Cash & Venmo accepted.

The Pop-Up Shop sells uniforms, apparel, accessories and more.

Age Groups

Fall 2022 – Spring 2023

2018 U5 = 3v3 Boys & Girls 4′ Pug Goals No Refs, No Goalies
2017 U6 = 3v3 Boys & Girls 6′ x 12′ Goals No Refs, With Goalies
2016 U7 = 5v5 Boys & Girls 6′ x 12′ Goals No Refs, With Goalies
2015 U8 = 5v5 Boys & Girls 6′ x 12′ Goals No Refs, With Goalies
2013-2014 U10 = 7v7 Boys & Girls 6′ x 18′ Goals With Refs, With Goalies

PSC reserves the right to combine age groups, if necessary.

For all questions about our Recreational program please feel free to email: 

Sara McFarland

Recreational Director

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