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PSC County Program

  • County Soccer for BOYS & GIRLS, ages 7-18.
  • For experienced and skilled players with birthdates between 1/1/2005-12/31/2015.
  • Evaluations are required for placement on a county team roster.
  • ​Evaluations will be held in early-mid May.
  • If your child makes a county team, they will be notified within one week of try-outs and will have 48 hours to accept the position.
  • U8-U10  County league Teams will be combined of skilled individuals based on evaluations held by the lead coach of each age group. For experienced players with birthdates between 1/1/2013-12/31/2015.
  • U11-U18 County League Teams offers different levels of play for beginners and experienced players with birthdates between 1/1/2005-12/31/2012.

General Information

  • Fall practice will begin in late August. (Coaches discretion and field availabilty.)
  • Fall season practice begins in September, and runs through November.
  • Spring season practice will begin mid-March, and runs through mid-late June.
  • Spring league games are mostly Sundays and will begin last week of March.

Registration Fee

U8-U18 County Soccer Program: $120 per season (i.e. Spring Season/Fall Season)

 Uniforms: Are NOT included in registration fee.

County Uniform

Age Groups

Fall 2022 – Spring 2023

2015 U8 = 7v7 2014 U9 = 7v7 2013 U10 = 7v7
2012 U11 = 9v9 2011 U12 = 9v9 2010 U13 = 11v11
2009 U14 = 11v11 2008 U15 = 11v11 2007 U16 = 11v11
2006 U17 = 11v11 2005 U18 = 11v11

At U8, U9, U10 – lead coaches will field 2 try out based top teams up to 12 players. One Team will play travel and the second team can play travel or county.

If your child makes a County team, they will be notified within one week of try-outs. If your child does not make a County team, they will be placed in our recreational program. Players must turn eight by August 31 of the current year to play in County Leagues.

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