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Every year Pasadena Soccer Club accepts applications from coaches interested in filling Lead Coach vacancies. The application can be found here and the requirements of the position are below. The application deadline will be 11:59pm on Friday, April 29, 2022 so if you are interested, please start working on it soon.
Thank you for volunteering as our Club does not function without you.

PSC Board of Directors

Section 3: Duties of Lead Coach/Coaches

The Lead Coach for each age group will be responsible for working with the Coach Evaluation / Player Selection committee to schedule and coordinate player evaluations for the fall season. This includes finding volunteers to assist you while conducting evaluations.

    1. During the player evaluations, the Lead Coach will be responsible for conducting the evaluations for their respective age group. Evaluations will be conducted in accordance of the Guidelines set forth by the Coach Evaluation /Player Selection committee. Any issues that arise before, during, or after Evaluations shall be resolved with the assistance of the Coach Evaluation / Player Selection Committee.

    2. The Lead Coach is responsible for ensuring all kids in your age group are placed on a team appropriate for their skill level by ranking the players from first to last, and submitting the evaluation results to the appropriate Player Agent (Girls or Boys). Evaluation of additional players for team placement will occur as they register. This includes players that missed evaluations, and late registrations.

    3. Lead Coaches will commit to coaching a team in their age group in both the fall and Spring Soccer season. Lead Coaches will lead the effort to find coaches for all teams in their age group in a timely manner with assistance from the Player Agents.

    4. Comply with the objectives of the organization as outlined in Sec II of the By Laws, and uphold our rules and regulations as described in the Standing Rules.

    5. Comply with coaching standards as issued by USYSA and MSYSA, and the coaching standards and rules as issued by each league within which their team is participating.

    6. Behave as a role model for our children. Immoral, unethical, and illegal behavior will be grounds for removal. The Board will hold a meeting to decide whether behavior is immoral, unethical, or illegal.

    7. Uphold our Organization’s Code of Conduct as described in Appendix General 1 (The Parent/Player/Coach Code of Conduct agreement)

    8. All Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Team Managers in all of the Organization’s programs will have an Anne Arundel County Recreation & Parks Background Check to be completed before the beginning of their first season, or as soon as time allows. The Background Checks must be updated every 3 years.

    9. Travel coaches will have a minimum USSF Grassroots License.

    10. Upon accepting the position of Lead Coach, Board meeting attendance is encouraged.

    11. When a Lead Coach opening exists, Section 6 of the Standing Rules will be adhered to in order to fill the position.