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The Fall 2020 season for the 2013 Girls PSC Power started in a completely unexpected way, as they outscored their opponents 37-0 in three AAYSA U8 matches.  The coaching staff realized that this would be a lost year, for development and competition if status quo remained; therefore with assistance from the PSC Board and the AAYSA League rep, they petitioned AAYSA for promotion to U9-Division 1.  Much to everyone’s surprise the promotion was granted and the real work began.  PSC Power rose to a new level over the next six weeks going 4-0-2 to win the U9-D1 championship.  The girls lead the Division in goal differential and goals allowed while finishing second in goals scored.  In fact, the girls only trailed in a game for 20 minutes all season, during a thrilling 1-1 tie to end the season.  The parents and coaches could not be more proud of this group of girls for their play in Fall 2020.